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Service Objective

Housekeeping is not limited to just cleanliness alone. It defines the 'Neatness and Orderliness' of work areas, tripping hazards, removal of wastages, debris, clutter & spills and other relevant fire hazards, from home and work areas. The work demands restructuring of the workplace and the storage facilities.Good housekeeping is also a basic tenet of accident and fire prevention process. For ambiances that gleam with health and life, trust our exclusive and specialist housekeeping services for it. Our team is also armed with rodent and pest control techniques and latest disinfectants amongst others, to ensure that your facility remains ever clean, healthy and vivacious at all times. The team is committed to an extremely effective housekeeping process, as a standard ongoing operation. We strive to give the best Housekeeping services specially customised to suit your personalised requirements: